The band’s familiar ‘Arrow Styled Logo’ became well known and was similar to that used by ‘The Who’ in their early


History of Sounds Force 5

Sounds Force 5 was the idea of Drummer Colin ‘Fred’ Ward who started his first band in the mid Sixties.

He eventually recruited budding guitarist Rob Munton and together, they were the foundation


of the group, originally called ‘The Gate Crashers’. They played mostly local bookings around Spalding and South Lincolnshire. Alan Turnell joined the group as lead vocalist, but eventually took over the role as bass player/vocalist.Following an advertisement in the local press, Stuart ‘Len’ Doughty joined the band on keyboards and rhythm guitar and it was Stuart who introduced lead vocalist Mick Peacey to the group. Before long Sounds Force 5 were so popular that they even had their own ‘Fan Club’ organised by Rob’s elder sister Val.In addition to a few original songs, the band played all the popular material of the time, as indeed did all the groups in the Sixties. Even the Beatles and The Stones were playing mainly cover versions of major American Rhythm and Blues and Tamla Motown Artists.


This new line up went from strength to strength and almost clinched a recording contract with Polydor Records.

Eventually ‘Fred Ward’ who formed the band wished to follow a new path concentrating on totally original material. Fred’s place in his original band was taken by one of his own protégé’s and Sounds Force 5 fans, Paul Todd. Fred still recalls helping Paul to buy his first drum kit and giving him lessons.

Paul eventually went on to work in the Theatre business, becoming Musical Director for Alan Ayckborn.


Fred’s new band featured guitarist Tony Jefferies, (who had known Sounds Force 5 for a long time) along with Vocalist Alan Dean and Bass Player Stevie Redman. This new band called ‘Ocean’ were quickly into the Recording Studios and were soon spotted by Grade Lee Productions of Regent Street, London.

The Company consisted of TV Mogul Michael Grade and Bernard Lee (formerly with Brian Epstein’s ‘Nems Organisation’.)

Organist "Len Doughty" teamed up with guitarist Tony Jefferies and played for while with professional Country Music vocalist Stu Stevens, appearing at major theatres through-out the UK. Eventually "Len" went on to play in yet another band, in which he eventually appeared at the world famous "London Palladium"

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